Drone Trait Lookup

In order to keep track of the date of when drone imagery was captured, the derived drone traits are stored in T3/Breedbase as a composed trait. A composed trait is a "meta" trait that consists of two terms:

  • the base trait: which is the existing trait term from the trait ontology (such as Canopy Cover)
  • a time term: which is the julian day of when the drone imagery was captured (such as day 152 for June 1st)
The combination of these two terms is the composed trait. Any dervied drone traits stored in T3 should be associated with the composed trait, otherwise the date of the drone flight will not be stored in the database.

You can use this page to lookup the composed trait (its name, id, and the formatted trait column header for the phenotype observation upload template) by selecting a base trait and a date.

If you're automating the generation of upload templates or uploading via BrAPI, you can download a lookup table that contains all of the drone base traits and the composed trait terms for all 365 julian days.

Base Trait


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Composed Trait

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